Friday, June 26, 2009

Smile a Day - from a student

Mrs. Halladay , you know I love you very much . In fact , I'm not too shy to talk as you said . I haven't talk so much just because my English speaking is not very good, and I didn't want to bother you for I really care of you so much that I don't want you annyed with me. Love you forever!

yours, Frank

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Time is Flying!!!

Dear Family:
I know that it has been a very long time since I wrote the Blog, BUT I have been so busy. There has been so much happening and I just hope that I can remember enough to give you a sketch of what has happened.

Did I tell you about the award the Medical Department awarded me? A student ask me to attend a closing program and brought me a nice invitation. He told me that we both had to attend and that there was a surprise for me. The night of the program, he met us at the door of the auditorium and I thought his class would be sitting together and we would sit with them. As we walked into the auditorium, a spotlight was on us and the audience stood up and cheered for us. We wondered what was happening....
There were about 2,000 people in attendance and I couldn't figure out what was happening. The program started and of course, we could not understand a word that was said! It was a talent show of sorts - as only the Chinese can perform. Half way into the program, one of my students leaned up to me and told me that I would be asked to go up on the stage. I told her " NO - I'm not going up on the stage". However, I was wrong . . . they announced several men which stood up and the audience clapped as they went up on the stage. Then, they said, "Mrs. Halladay, from the USA" and a student came and took my arm and led me to the stage. What a shock! Why were they taking me up on that stage????????????
Derek (my student) leaned over, as the Chinese were babbling on and on, and told me I was receiving an award from the Medical Department. All the award-ee's were handed a bouquet of fresh flowers and an official looking certificate. I was the first one awarded and they said something in Chinese and Derek told me to say something about my students.. What a shock!!!!!!! I got very emotional, thinking of the honor of being awarded by the students and I don't even remember what I said. Camera's were flashing and I felt like a celebrity.........
They made me feel like one - they are so generous with their love and praise.
All in all it was an award for the "Most Loved Teacher" in the Medical Department. I was speechless and very honored and felt undeserving. Later, one of the Post Graduates (Hancock) told me that they were especially excited for me because a foreign teacher had never been nominated before. I was the first!!!!!!!
Please know that I am not putting this incident on the Blog site to brag, but it is for my records. I am not a teacher by profession and I felt so honored and unworthy of the award. It also was very humbling for me - to think the students voted for me. Who ever thought?????

As I start to tell my students good-bye, I feel sad. I have grown to love them with all my heart and I will miss them. The Sophomores will go to another campus next year, for 2 years and I doubt that I will ever see some of them again. They have been a big part of my life here. There are tears shed as I bid them farewell and I pray that we will meet again someday.

Yesterday I cooked an American meal for my Post Graduates. We had pulled pork sandwiches, a green salad and apple crisp. All 30 students commented on the American food and how good it tasted. They could not believe that I had cooked meat for them! And they devoured the green salad and loved the Ranch dressing. Many thought the apple crisp was too sweet and couldn't imagine that I had cooked apples!!!!! They left our apartment, with tears in their eyes, as I bid them farewell. Even those big boys who were so shy and so afraid that I would talk directly to them, who could not even look me in the eye when I first met them!!!!

They have come so far and I believe there is no doubt in their minds, that I love them. I have made it a habit to sing to all my classes every time we meet and I think the music has had an effect on them. Today, "Lemon", in my class told me, "Mrs. Halladay, you always sing to us that we are Your Sunshine, and you are our Sunshine!"

What a great year this has been and what an experience for us! I am so thankful the Lord allowed us this opportunity. We have been so blessed by these special people. There is no place else, I would rather be, than in Qingdao China at this time.......

Many changes have taken place in our lives and one big change is the fact that Roger will serve as the Qingdao China Branch President!!!! He was called to serve on Father's day, June 14, 2009. President Steven Toronto is the District President for this part of China and he called us early Sunday morning and ask us to meet with him and Roger was called. What a nice surprise, I am sure he will do a great job. He is a great father, grandfather husband, brother and friend. The Lord knows his capabilities and has confidence in him. So do I....

We will be leaving China, to come home, on Thursday, June 9, 2009. We are anxious to see the family and spend time with everyone. We are especially looking forward to spending time with the grandchildren. We have missed them very much and can hardly wait to see them and get our hugs and kisses in.

Much Love,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thank you Letter

This is one of the Post Graduates that I fixed lunch for yesterday.
So sweet - this is SO hard to say good-bye... I love them..........

---------- message ----------

Dear Mrs Halladay,
How are you? Thank you for your treatment today, it is really delicious. And i am sincerely appreciated for your present.I enjoyed a wonderful aternoon today. I feel sorry we have to separate now, i will miss you very much. I want you to konw it is real my pleasure to be your student, though i don not have much time to talk with you, but i hope i could have the chance to visit you when you come back. You will always be my teacher and friend, i am sure i will miss you. Wish you a wonderful travel and holliday!
Best wishes for you!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hello!Mrs.Halladay! This is Frank. I have to thank...‏

Hello!Mrs.Halladay! This is Frank. I have to thank you for the things that your and Mr.Halladay have teach me. Without you, I don't know what the english will be like. It's you that make us english class active and full of joy. It's you that all the students love. It's you that teach us a lot of things in english learning. Thank you very much! I do believe all of us will miss you during the holiday.

---------- message ----------

My Dear Frank:
How very kind of you to write to me and say such nice things. I have grown to really love you and I will miss you when I go to the USA. I am happy that I will return next semester and I hope that I will see more of you.
Did you still need us to help you with your speech? Please let me know.
Much Love,
Mrs. Halladay

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thank you

Mis Halladay:
I am Peter. I send this e-mail just to say you are a good teacher. No, not just good, you are the best. It's no wonder that, you were one of the best 10 teachers. You desert it.
Your student and friends

Monday, June 8, 2009

I love you

I just received this e-mail from someone unsigned.....
I looked and looked for the e-mail address among all my sweeties and saw that it
was my little "Dove". She is an especially sweet little thing. How sweet of her
to send me this..

---------- message ----------

Thank you for the sweet e-mail. You are so kind to me. I love all of you students and consider you my family!
Who is this???
Much Love,
Mrs. Halladay


I just want to tell you that how lucky I am to be one of your chinese students, I really love you very much!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

China Times...

Hello Everyone:

I can't believe that another week has passed and I haven't reported to you lately. And so much has happened....
Last weekend we had more company and we had a great time. Mike and Maradel Brown came from Beijing
for the weekend and we had so much fun with them. It was the celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival and the
entire country was celebrating. A feeling of celebration was in the air and everyone, everywhere was happy.
We shopped (of course!) went to the tailor for more clothes and to the Pearl Lady for pearls to match the new
outfits!!! What fun.

Friday night we met some of my students down on May 4th Square and we had a ball. Mike bought about 10
or 12 kites from our "kite man" and we also bought another 4 or 5 ourselves. I wonder how we will get all these
things back home @#$?&^
My students were so cute to all us "old people". They helped us "bargain shop" on the wharf and they were so
helpful and cute. There were 11 or 12 of them - all from one class. When I see the students out of the classroom,
it seems that I see a side of them that is more relaxed. I also can actually have a one-on-
one conversation with them. It helps them with their English, as well. As we were returning to the apartment,
Maradel mentioned that she could now understand why we wanted to return to Qingdao next year - because of our
close association with these unusual kids. They are exceptional. They even allowed me to buy them all a cheap
little bracelet to remember our night together.

This past week I have had my little Japanese friend come over to the apartment almost every day to read the Bible.
She is so interested in the Church and she needs help with her oral English, so she has been reading the Bible
out loud to me. She is so anxious to read and the stories are so interesting to her and her eagerness is so

For the past 3 mornings we have been awakened at 6:00 a.m. by the sound of a power drill, electric power lift and
shovels scraping on the roof above us. Throughout the day the "jack hammer" is grinding away too. Apparently
they are going to put a new roof on the building and it is a slow process. Today the workers were throwing the
garbage off the roof and it was falling on the neighbors veranda. What an experience..... AND so funny..

The past two weeks, I have been helping several of the students with speeches for a competition. There are 8 students
collectively and it has been such fun for me. They are students that I don't know as well as others and I have had
a good time with them. These students are so smart and so appreciative.

I will include some pictures from the past week. You will see the ones that we took at night at May 4th as well as a ]
few more from the week.

I have given my classes a writing assignment and have been reading them all day. The first assignment was to write the
story of their lives - ages 0 to 6 years old. I have had my eyes opened and learned so many things about the
culture and customs. I will look at these special people with different eyes, from now on. They are amazing people
and they have had some experiences I thought people didn't have to experience these days. My little students are
amazing people and I love them so much. I am so blessed to be associated with each one of them and have the
privilege of getting to know them. They are amazing...
The next assignment will be, ages 6 to 12 years old, and then 12 to present age. I have had my eyes opened and I
have a new appreciation for these kids. They are exceptional...

I love you. Today we were in the market and saw a darling little Chinese boy in a cute red outfit and he came over to us
and smiled up at us. He looked SO MUCH like our little Deken !!!! I got a huge lump in my throat and tears in my eyes,
thinking about all my dear Grandchildren and realized that I am homesick and ready to come home and see all of you.
We think of you often and want you to know that you are in our prayers. I believe we have a new appreciation for all of
you and that our love for you has increased. Can hardly wait to see your dear faces and to have a big hug...

Much Love,

Friday, June 5, 2009

Thank you for your movie titles‏

A letter from student, Cloud...

Dear Mrs Halladay,

Thank you for your movie titles!

I will watch these movies carefully.

Maybe, I am too busy to watch them all because I have to prepare my final exam.

I will tell you when I finish them.

I hope that I can talk about my feeling about them with you this summer vacation, if possible.

Some of the movies I have read in Chinese books, but hanven't seen them.

So, I think I will like the movies, as well.

I really look up to you and like being round you.

You make me happy and warm.

Yours, Cloud

Debate Thursday night‏

Soooooo sweet. She is a beautiful Chinese girl and I really like her alot - real sharp. She will be a fantastic Doctor next year...

---------- message ----------

Mrs. Halladay,
Thank you for your encouragement. It’s my honor to be your student.

I can always feel your love for us. Love you, for ever.