Monday, May 24, 2010

Airport SUPRISE!

Hi again:

Just wanted to tell about our weekend in Korea with our dear friends the Kang's. We left Qingdao on Thursday, May 20 to go to Seoul Korea and upon arriving at the airport - we noticed something unusual - several Americans! They all had red t-shirts on and they were all so happy. I looked closer and saw De'l Beatty!!!!!!! He is employed at Dixie State University now and he had been touring China with a group of students, doing a talent show. What a surprise!!!!! They were on their way home after 3 weeks on the road.
As we talked, we discovered that the President of Dixie State and his wife were there as well as a "Howard Spitzenberger" who served a mission in Cedar City in 2005. It just so happened that "elder" Spitzenberger was one of the elders I had agreed to do mending for and his temple pants were so damaged that I went and bought him a new pair. He goes on to tell me that I had given him and his companion goodies ( imagine that?) and I also made him a "Snoopy" pillowcase - which he still uses!!!!!!! SMALL WORLD...
We EVEN met two young men who ask if we were related to an "Erik Halladay." One of them - Reece Jacobsen, lived by Erik and Michelle when they lived on the east side of St. George. The other one - Mark Whitehead, lived near to Erik and Michelle in Santa Clara!
When we arrived in Seoul, the friends from Dixie flew on to LAX and we met our friend, Harrison Kang. He dropped us off at our hotel and agreed to take us to the Korean "folk village" on Friday morning. Saturday Dad went to the DMZ for a tour which he has been looking forward to and I went shopping with Brother and Sister Kang, their children, as well as Merlene Ellington. Saturday night, the Kang's treated us to an authentic Korean dinner, which was wonderful! But, the highlight of the trip, at least for me, was the chance to attend church with the Kang's on Sunday morning.
Those Korean Saints are spectacular! There was such a feeling of love in that chapel and of course the missionaries were there, as it was Ward conference. The music was all in Korean and such a spiritual feast. After the meetings - the Koreans had a big, tasty lunch prepared for us, before we left for the airport. I must explain about the Kang/Kim/Yeom family - they are the perfect example of Christ-like love for others. They give everything they have, willingly, to others! They treat company as family and consider you as an honored guest. How we love them! We NEVER witnessed an unkind word between them. They never talked about others unkindly. They are the kindest,dearest,most Christ-like,most pleasant, genuine, people I have ever met. It is a joy to be associated with such people.
It was a great weekend and as we told them good-bye, there were tears in my eyes and my heart was heavy, knowing that it could be the last time I would see them. We consider it a privilege to be their friends.


China Update!‏

Dear Family:

We have been busy!!!!!! I just thought that I should update you on a few more ideas plus what has been happening in our lives!
Last week was a busy one.... Monday night we went over to the "Yellow River" for dinner and as we walked in the door I couldn't
believe my eyes! A man was waiting for a "take-out" order and as all the food was being put in the take-out plastic bags I saw
the waitress go over to the Tsingtao Beer ( 15 gallon keg containe and fill a plastic bag with beer! "Take-out" beer
"to go" in a single layer PLASTIC BAG..... I really had a good laugh over that!ea

It won't be long, and we will be home to stay! I have such mixed emotions just knowing that I won't be returning to China for another year to teach English. I have a hard time not looking at my students and crying. They are the dearest people and I love them so much. I feel like a young mother - afraid to let her children stay alone for
the first time. I have taught the same students oral English since they first came to Qingdao as Freshmen and I
can't imagine my life without them!
I must say that they are not frightened of "foreigners" anymore and they look me in the eye when they speak now BUT I will miss seeing their faces light up when I walk in the classroom. I will miss them just waiting for me - only me - on the days we have class! I will miss the calls on my cell phone from them. I will miss reading about their families. I will miss walking to class in the mornings and seeing all the Chinese "Ni Ni's" and "Ya Ya's" with their grandchildren. I will miss all the sights and smells and emotions in China. But mostly - my dear Chinese family - my beloved students........
I am SURE that there will be days - when I return - that will be pretty lonely and I am sure that I will shed many tears of loneliness for China and my little apartment here. Even my hard bed and the hot water for the 2 hours every morning and the 2 hours every evening!!!! Even my crude little kitchen and hot plate AND my washing machine that causes me so much grief.

We both feel very blessed that we have had the privilege of living and loving China. We thank Heavenly Father
daily for our MANY blessings. We are so lucky to have such good health and each other. We have grown very close and we really rely on each other for everything.

We are most anxious to see all of you - family and friends. We have our return trip travel plans now - so it seems like a reality that we will be leaving China.
We look forward for the chance to be with all of you and spend some time with each of you. We have missed you - from the oldest to the youngest and we know there are many changes in all of us. Hopefully those changes are all for the best!

We arrive in Las Vegas on July 7 at 4:10 p.m. and will drive a rental car directly to Cedar City. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much Love,

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Love You So Much

My Dear Sweet Little Susan... she is so sweet and kind. How I love her!

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Dear Jane,
I was very happy taday,and I will never forgert this memerable day in my life. I feel that we are a whole family, making me think of my parents.I promise I will go back to my family in Qingdao University in weeks and Utah in several years.
It is told that if you love somebody, then you must let them know. Otherwise, you will be regreting for not doing it forever.So i must tell that I love you both so much from my deep heart.
Yours sinserely,

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wonderful Week!

Dear Family:

What a wonderful week we have had with Lesa and Kimber here to stay! It was great to show them our students and
our beautiful city of Qingdao. We enjoyed every minute they were here and it was a tearful day when they left us.
We both felt like we were in mourning.

Yesterday we had my Post Graduate girls over to visit - Doris, Vicky, Karen, Fern Heather and Susan. They are always
a joy to us and they took us to lunch to celebrate Mother's Day. We really hated them to spend their precious
money on lunch - but they were insistent. They are so concerned and loving to both of us and I am sure that our
friendship with them will last a lifetime.

Then, yesterday afternoon we went to watch my Sophomores do a dance competition! It was lucky for us - because
all the dancers were my students!!!! It is great to see them outside of the classroom and the learning environment.
They were all so happy to see us there and I took many pictures. As soon as we arrived at the arena, , they took us
right to the front of the area and sat us among the judges. They also asked us to help give out the awards to the
winners. By the way Lesa, I took pictures of Daniel and Henry for you. Daniel had a new haircut and he wore some
elaborate eye make-up!

I feel very emotional lately, knowing these are my last few months in Qingdao! I love these dear people and this
gorgeous city. I love the little girl at the "Yellow River", I love the sweet people on the buses and I love my dear
students best of all! They have been my proxy family for the past two years and I will miss them. I will miss
walking into the classroom and seeing 65-70 smiling faces waiting just for me. I will miss my dear little Li Yang
watching for me every morning, with a big smile on his face, waiting to carry my suitcase to class.
I will miss the friendly doorman in our building with his "Nin hou". I will miss my sweet little cleaning lady, who
rushes to me every day and gives me a big hug and kiss on the cheek. I will miss walking everywhere I go or
taking a bus, loaded with Chinese faces. I will miss the delicious fruits and vegetables and the authentic
Chinese food we have grown to love. I will miss my trips to "RT". I will especially miss my visits to my beloved
Jimo Liu market and the dear friends I have made there.

Many of the the people I have met and associated with, do not speak a word of English and you all know that I
do not speak Chinese! BUT we talk with our eyes, hands and a nod of our heads. I have learned that gestures
are an essential thing in a foreign country! And I have learned that we are ALL children of our Heavenly Father.
I never dreamed that I would fall hopelessly in love with the country and the people. I love the traditions and
the display of respect. I feel as if the students idolize us and revere us because we are Americans and especially
because we are old enough to be like grandparents to them.

From the moment I walked into my first class as a teacher of English in China I fell in love totally and forever. I had not planned for this to happen quite so instantaneously, like a mother seeing her new baby for the first time, only my “babies” came in hundreds and ranged in age from 18 to 25. Looking back I realize I had been preparing for this moment many years before it happened and it will be with me forever.

I love all of you and I am anxious to be home BUT I am sure that in August I will get real sad and think of China. Be patient with me - PLEASE.

Much Love,