Friday, April 24, 2009

Cute note from Student!

hello,Mrs Halladay,my English name is Dawn .I love you very much .I fell that you like my grandmother .Good luck for you forever!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kite Festival

Here are some pictures we took at the Kite Festival in WeiFang. Notice the little old woman with the unusually small feet - her feethad been bound as a young girl...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

China Update‏

So much has been going on since we returned from the Chongqing and the cruise. It is hard to believe that we returned a week ago tonight..

After the trip, Marvin Wu - our tour guide, invited us to his home for a home cooked Chinese dinner with his family. His wife Betty and little Yoyo - their daughter, were very gracious and we had a wonderful evening. Betty made 6 or 7 different Chinese dishes for 8 of us BYU teachers and it was a wonderful evening. Betty agreed to take us to the market to buy spices and agreed to even teach us how to cook the dishes. Now, we just have to find a day and time we can get together !

This weekend has been a wonderful one for us. We had the chance to finally watch General Conference, which was last weekend. Yesterday, we went to Brother Harrison's apartment, where we usually hold our Branch meetings, to watch conference. The District was supposed to send us copies of Conference in Chinese, Korean and English BUT they mistakenly sent us ONLY Chinese! Therefore, we had to listen instead of watch - which was just fine. Yesterday we watched the Saturday afternoon session of Conference and today we watched the Sunday morning session.
It makes us realize how much we take General Conference for granted, when we are at home, in the USA! We are just "thirsty" to hear the Prophet and all the General Authorities. It was very emotional for us to see them on the T.V. today. Joe Goodrich had downloaded it off the internet for today.
After Conference, we prepared dinner for the Koreans - Hawaiian haystacks. The Koreans thought they were unusual. They could not quite understand why we would mix all that cold, sweet, food with gravy and chicken #@$%*&. Every Sunday, the Koreans have food prepared for us to eat, after church. Sometimes it is a meal and sometimes it is fresh fruit. Lately they have been serving the best Asian pears for our eating enjoyment! The mangos are in season now and they are wonderful. China has the best fruit I have ever eaten. I especially love the pomellos, which are ripe in the Fall.

On the ride to Church today I saw a funny thing that I keep forgetting to add to the Blog site. All the young people here think it is "cool" to wear glasses. BUT, they wear glasses, if they don't need glasses! I mean, they wear the glass frame - with NO glass in..... And they think they look so good... We all have to laugh when we see it.

I had an odd thing happen to me this past week at school..
I was teaching a class on idioms and we were having fun, as the students in each group presented their definitions of the idioms they were assigned. I was walking around the classroom, when I noticed something strange looking in the back corner of the classroom. Now, I have seen some pretty disgusting things in the back of these classrooms - things I really questioned their origin. BUT, this one really "takes the cake" as far as disgusting goes!!!!!!!! I could not believe my eyes....

I truly believe that you must live life to the fullest and enjoy each day, because you may never pass the same way again. Take time to "smell the roses". I must say that I am doing just that while I am in China. It is a chance of a lifetime and I feel so blessed to be among these exceptional people. The students have taught me MUCH more than I could ever teach them. They know something that many people my age NEVER know, and that is how to love and accept others unconditionally. Each day in China is such an experience to cherish and it is my prayer that I remember to do just that. We are so blessed to have a loving, caring family whicht has so many material advantages. I pray that I never forget my experiences here. I doubt I will, because I am a changed person because of the time I have spent among these dear people.

All our love,

Letter from Student - Oliver Twist

How are you,my teacher? I really miss you! !!The methods you teach us to say 'usually' is groovy.It can be regarded as an invention!
I know a nice medical website it may be of some help to Mr.Halladay:
Happy Easter Day!

Letter and Pictures from Student Andrulia

Hello,Mrs Halladay,I'm Andrulia.We are very busy these days,you know.I haven't see you a few days.that day,I see you and Mr halladay walking together from a distance.Wow,it's so sweet,you must love each other very much.
Besides,do you remember that I'v ever tell you that I learned belly dance in winter holiday .It's come from India and full of mistery.At the end of the course ,I take some photos.I hope you can see my performance,one day.Now I'll send some of the pictures to you and hope you'll like it.
At last, I'll call you when I'm free.But,well,the terrible work!!!!!!!I even regret picking up this major.But,as you say.Never cry at the poured water.So.cheer up.Ha ha!!!
Love from

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Letter from Student - Roger

Here is another note I received today from my student Roger. Note the attached picture of him. He is tooooooo cute. He and another classmate brought me some of the famous Chinese "flower tea". It literally has flowers in it - chrysanthemums.
Actually, it is really good - also has lemon and orange rind in it, some cinnamon and other spices...
Much Love,
Dear Mrs. Halladay
We should say thank you. Thank you for giving us so much in such a fun way. The present is your deserve.In the future,we will have more ways to show our thanks to you for teaching us so well. Very nice of you to e-mail me. I should say thank you again. God bless you and your family.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yangtze River trip‏

Dear Family,

We just returned from our delightful trip down the Yangtze River and I believe it was the best tour we have been on!
On April 1, at 5:00 p.m. we left for the airport to fly to Chongqing ( pronounced: Chong ching)
We arrived in Chongqing around midnight and went to a very quaint hotel, which we loved and wish that we could have stayed there longer!
The morning of April 2, we went on bus to tour the city of Chongqing. We visited the 3 gorges museum, the Great Hall and Stillwell museum.
That evening we boarded the American cruise ship "Victoria". Note: the staff on board the ship were all Chinese!
It was a VERY eventful trip to the cruise ship - we climbed down some of the most frightening steps I have walked in China.... It was starting
to rain and the walkway to the ship was all muddy and the path was very uneven and scarey.

The Yangtze River is the longest river in China and the 3rd longest in the world. Between the towns of Fengjie and Yichang lie 3 great gorges - Qutang,
Wu and Xiling. These gorges have some of the most spectacular scenery in all of China.
Of the 3 gorges, the Qutang Gorge is magnificent and precipitous, the Wu Gorge is deep and beautiful and the Xiling Gorge has rapids and many rocks.
There are 3 mini gorges and the water in the 3 mini gorges is clean and the banks are blanketed in trees, historical sites and legends.

Early the morning of April 2, we started on our journey down the Yangtze. In the afternoon we visited Fengdu - the Ghost City and it was really
something to see. We saw many forms of torture - in statues. We took many photos and will send them as soon as we download them. We even saw the
statue of the drunkard and had to take photo of him - he was frightening! There were statues of nature, a"fallen" woman, a lustful man and many others.
Very interesting. However, the tram ride up to the Ghost City was the most frightening.... Supposedly this Ghost City is where all the evil spirits reside and
they are supposed to remain there eternally. Included in the city - which sits on top of a mountain - is a replica depicting the awful ways the Chinese tortured
those among them who sinned in any way. Example: they supposedly cut a persons tongue out if he was a liar. A thief had his fingers cut off. Anything you can imagine was done to the sinner. Ghost City is also supposedly the pathway to the "underworld". It is the Chinese way of expressing the atrocities of Hell. And, I must
say, it was frightening.... Sure am glad I believe what I believe about life after death or this would have really scared me!
That evening, after returning to the ship, we had a welcome dinner hosted by the Captain of the ship.

April 3 we were on the river for the entire day and really had a great time visiting with the other BYU teachers and resting!

On the morning of April 4 we docked at the Daning River - at the 3 mini gorges, for our excursion into the gorge area in a Chinese motorized "sampan". It was so
neat - a real authentic Chinese experience and we all loved it. Many photos of that!
Then back to the ship and more evening entertainment. I met a darling young man "Lucas" who reminded me of my beloved "Nick" at SUU. Lucas was a
real highlight of the trip - he is such a dancer and waiter - all in one. I taught him how to wink and everytime he got on the stage to perform, he searched for me,
in the audience and smiled and winked at me.. So cute, so innocent. He also waited on our table everytime we ate and was so attentive.
Also, on Friday, April 3 - we entered the 5 grades or "locks" where the ship is lowered from the reservoir level, to the river, on the "down stream" side of the Yangtze.
It was a phenomenonal experience, one we will never forget.

April 5 we left the ship to visit the large dam site - 3 Gorges Dam. Then we went on a 5 hour bus trip to Wuhan to take an afternoon flight back to Qingdao.

While on the ship, there was a medical Doctor who was very proficient in acpuncture, acupressure, electrolysis and "cupping". Roger had 2 treatment and I had one.
He really knows how to cure people and we both feel much better. Roger, with his pinched disc and me with my ever present, neck pain. We both believe in the
art of acpuncture and have been very impressed with the results. However, Roger was having his treatment and the Dr. hooked him "up" to the electrolysis machine,
and his foot started to "thump" - just like the dog does when you scratch him in a good spot. We REALLY had a good laugh at that!

The time is passing very fast - it is already Easter this week! We love what we are doing and the time seems to fly. The weather has turned so beautiful and the signs of
Spring are everywhere we look. There are buds blossoming everywhere we turn. Before we know it, we will be back in Utah for a short time. We still aren't sure when
we will fly home, but we will let you know as soon as we know anything.
Easter brings some very tender memories. I remember the Easter we had in Vernal, when the electricity went out for the day and we had to eat the Easter eggs, potato
salad, baked beans, jello and ham by candle light! I also think of the many picnic with all of you. The year we went with Grandma Pearl and Aunt Mary Dean and Uncle
Keith to Beaver Dam to look at our property. We always seem to end up on Easter, with the Jones'.... Remember the year when Lesa and Darren and the kids came to
Cedar and there was snow on the back lawn - but we STILL had our Easter egg hunt?
These are treasured memories for us and we will be thinking of you as we celebrate the resurrection of the Savior. What a memorable occasion Easter is for us. We will
be missing everyone..

All our love,
Dad and Mom

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fun Letter From a Student...

Dear Roger,
I do think that you can read this mail today. I am very sorry and have to tell you I can not take part in your classes tomorrow morning.
My two right fingers were hurt on Thusday. Don't worry ,It was not serious very much ,but actualy made me painful . The doctor of universty hospital told me to change the bandage and check again tomorrow morning .So I have to go there when you enjoy the class.
By the way , my 5 Journals will be taken to you by Strong or another guy . Finally , I don't know how to exprss my sorry


Hello Jeremy,
and I am very sorry to hear that you have hurt two fingers on your right hand. I hope that they will heal quickly and that you will be back doing your regular things and be able to attend your classes. I am sorry that you will not be there tomorrow to our class, but fully understand that you need to go see the doctor and get your bandage taken care of.
I wish you well and appreciate your letting me know about your hand. I hope that the pain you experienced was not too great and has now gone away!


Dear Roger,
Thanks for your understanding . Please allow me not to write a note for absence , because it's hard to write for me now .My fingers can not bend freely.
I am sorry trouble you so much and get my job down .
And thank you for all wishes .Everything could be better.