Wednesday, June 23, 2010

James Yang

This is James Yang - Love this kid...
Here is a sweet email from him:
Subject: Thank you very much!!
To: Jane Halladay

Dear Mrs Halladay,
Thank you for that you have been my teacher for two years . We have a lot of sweet memories . There is one saying "Only you have lost it ,then you know how you love it.".It's just like you . Now we know how we like you . We will never forget you . You teach me think ,sing and write . You use your own method to effect us . Thank you .
Today in the class I want to ask you ,if you don't mind if I say your age ,like you ,in such an old age , how can you come to China to teach us with enthusiasm. I always think if I was in such an age ,what would I do . I think your life just is a legend . Sometimes when you tell us your experience,your famliy and your children . You never know how I admire you . I would like follow your step to taste the life .However ,I know I have my own life . Thank you for teaching me you should smile to your life , others and yourself.
Thank you !
Much love ,
James Yang

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